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Jimmy jokingly refers to Dan since the “Restroom Guy”, and you can asks if Olivia continues to be relationship him

Jimmy jokingly refers to Dan since the “Restroom Guy”, and you can asks if Olivia continues to be relationship him

Frustrated, Serena tries to protect him, but Blair informs this lady you to she learned Serena is just matchmaking him getting performs, and you will she performed just what she must do in order to perhaps not ruin the night time

Serena brags about high Patrick was, but when the 2 area implies, Blair locations him taking and reliving himself during the good potted bush. At the VDW’s, Dan goes choosing the Scrabble dictionary whenever the guy cannot see it, aims looking it up online however, comes across Olivia’s interviews. Shortly after watching they, the guy rapidly renders the fresh new flat without Olivia. Quickly, Jenny and Olivia read Dan need viewed they towards Jenny’s computers which is why he had been acting odd. On party, a lady confronts Vanessa and you can requires which she ended up selling the woman video footage to help you. Vanessa teaches you you to she marketed they to help you Ny 1, and you can she met with Carolyn Lowe a couple of hours in the past. Puzzled, the woman states she is Carolyn Lowe and Vanessa finds out Nate place this lady right up therefore the tape would not get-out.

At the same time, Serena discovers Blair which is all of the as well delighted to tell her you to definitely defense escorted Brandeis away because the hookers must not be in the cluster

In another room, Blair requires Serena where Patrick was. Serena states they are probably busy with his fans, and you can Blair says she grabbed proper care of they and had your taken to their package. During the VDW’s, Jenny and you may Olivia observe brand new video. In the interviews, she tells a narrative in which during their first date, Dan came back on restroom together with shirt with the to the out; in which he said it actually was while the a spider crawled involved and he needed to take it off.

She teaches you it is their a month anniversary, and you will following video is more than, she seeks contacting Dan, however it happens straight to voicemail. Into the Patrick’s hotel room, Serena finds out your passed out and you can she gets him right up. The guy drunkingly shows so you’re able to Serena that Blair’s buddy Brandeis is actually a high price phone call lady, along with his expertise in which is probably exactly what had him tossed out of the team. For the Chuck’s Empire collection, Vanessa face Nate regarding the setting their up. As the one or two dispute, it get a hold of into the development that it’s appear you to definitely Tripp’s brave save is a set-up. Frustrated, Tripp are sure William set it up. They clear the space very simply Tripp, Nate, and you will William will always be. William acknowledges he’d their doubts on Tripp effective, however, he did not set it.

Tripp threatens to help you get out of the latest race unless William admits the guy did it, but William adamantly denies that have anything to manage in it. Tripp is able to withdraw, and you will informs Nate to get brand new force. Vanesa tips back to the room, and you will requires Nate how it happened so you’re able to their moral compass.

Downstairs, Brandeis are messaging right up one whenever Serena will come more. Serena alludes to are a great “performing girl”, to find out if Brandeis in fact is an effective hooker. She upcoming brings Serena away and requires should your agency delivered the girl. Having received the girl verification, Serena walks away. Somewhere else, Chuck try offering a job interview when he sees Patrick playing around entering inebriated mischief. The guy courses the fresh reporter out when you are safety protects the challenge. Serena defends their tips because of the mocking Blair’s coverage, you to she was looking out for Chuck and you may Nate. Blair defends the girl actions of the stating Patrick involved resulting in an effective scandal and she are protecting men, also Serena. Chuck arrives more than, and you will Blair informs him Serena had her friend knocked away. Chuck says when the Brandeis is still around, he’ll look for this lady and progress to the bottom of the way it is. Blair thank-you him, and you may tells Serena you to she’s becoming paid off thus far Patrick, and you may generally are an effective prostitute by herself. When she treks aside that have Chuck, Serena forces this lady face basic for the a cake.